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Airpristina – Germania London Gatwick Prishtina

Germania And Airprishtina launches 2 weekly flights to Priština:

Flight number: ST6478

Departure city: LGW – London Gatwick
Departure time: 19.25
Arrival time: 23.40
Arrival city: PRN – Pristina
Aircraft type: A319
Day operating: –3–6——————————————————————————————–

Flight number: ST6479
Departure city: PRN – Prishtina
Departure time: 00.25
Arrival time: 02.50
Arrival city: LGW – London Gatwick
Aircraft type: A319

Day operating: —4–7


Prishtinë – London-Gatwick    Die, 2013-06-30     ST6479     00:25     02:50     120.00 EUR
Prishtinë – London-Gatwick      Die, 2013-07-07     ST6479     00:25     02:50     120.00 EUR
Prishtinë – London-Gatwick    Enj, 2013-07-11     ST6479     00:25     02:50     120.00 EUR
Prishtinë – London-Gatwick    Die, 2013-07-14     ST6479     00:25     02:50     120.00 EUR
Prishtinë – London-Gatwick      Enj, 2013-07-18     ST6479     00:25     02:50     120.00 EUR
Prishtinë – London-Gatwick    Die, 2013-07-21     ST6479     00:25     02:50     120.00 EUR

London-Gatwick – Prishtinë    Sht, 2013-06-29     ST6478     19:25     23:40     135.70 GBP
London-Gatwick – Prishtinë    Sht, 2013-07-06     ST6478     19:25     23:40     152.70 GBP
London-Gatwick – Prishtinë    Mër, 2013-07-10     ST6478     19:25     23:40     152.70 GBP
London-Gatwick – Prishtinë    Sht, 2013-07-13     ST6478     19:25     23:40     221.00 GBP
London-Gatwick – Prishtinë    Mër, 2013-07-17     ST6478     19:25     23:40     246.60 GBP
London-Gatwick – Prishtinë    Sht, 2013-07-20     ST6478     19:25     23:40     263.60 GBP

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Aerodromes Department within the CAA is responsible for the regulation of aerodromes in the Republic of Kosovo and the enforcement of applicable Kosovo laws, regulations, and associated aerodromes standards of the relevant Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It is also responsible for environmental issues in the vicinity of aerodromes including wildlife management, land use, noise, and safeguarding of aerodromes.

The role of the Aerodromes Department is to develop aerodrome policy documents based on relevant national and international standards and ICAO Annexes, develop and promote internal and industry guidance materials, ensuring aviation safety environment and leading towards continuous enhancement of aviation safety standards in the Republic of Kosovo.  Aerodromes department ensures that aeronautical information publication (AIP) reflect the aerodrome data.

Regulation No. 1/2008 on Aerodromes requires that the operator of an aerodrome shall be in possession of a aerodrome certificate issued by the CAA. In order to verify and ensure compliance with required national and international standards, Aerodromes Inspectors performs complex duties in aviation through process of conducting safety oversight, audits and inspections of aerodromes, their facilities and personnel.

By the provisions of the Regulation 04/2011 on Access to the Groundhandling Market, each supplier of groundhandling services and each self-handler shall apply in writing to the CAA for an approval. Prior to issuing of an approval, Aerodromes department ensures that all safety conditions are met according to national and international standards and that ground handling activity at aerodrome fulfil those safety standards.

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Personnel Licensing

Anyone wanting to become a pilot, whether for an aeroplane, helicopter, microlight, glider or hot-air balloon, has to complete a clearly defined training path. This includes theory lessons as well as practical training in the aircraft concerned. The training is completed with an exam. After basic training, pilots can take further training to become an instructor, private pilot or commercial pilot.

The CAA is responsible for issuing, renewing and revoking of licences to aviation personnel – flight crew and non-pilot personnel.

Licences are issued on the basis of completed training programmes which are conducted for each type of aviation personnel, following a thorough examination process. Once issued, a licence is to be renewed after a certain period of time defined by the appropriate regulation. Details on rules for this type of activity can be found separately for each type of aviation personnel by clicking on the name of the activity. Further details on how this domain is regulated can be found in Regulation No. 7/2009 on Licences and authorisations for aviation staff – aeroplane pilots and Regulation No. 4/2010 Licences and authorisations for aviation staff – helicopter pilots.

Personnel Licensing Section carries out the procedures related to:

• Monitoring and evaluation of international regulations, standards and procedures within its scope;

• Participation in the harmonization of regulations with international regulations and standards;

• Monitoring and ensuring the implementation of binding international standards in the Republic of Kosovo;

• Performance of administrative and technical-professional tasks related to licensing and authorization of aviation personnel;

• Drafting of forms and procedures for the issuance, renewal and extension of validity of permits and authorizations of aviation personnel;

• Approval of training programs and checking of professional abilities;

• Appointment of committees and examiners to carry out examinations for aviation personnel;

• Organization and implementation of examinations for flight crews and aircraft maintenance personnel;

• Creation of a list of experts to carry out examinations and validation for aviation personnel;

• Creation of a list of experts for medical assessment of aviation personnel;

• Management and control of the Central Bank of questions for flight crew examinations and aircraft maintenance personnel;

• Keeping the register of aviation personnel, authorized examiners, approved organizations for aviation personnel training and legal persons authorized to determine the medical fitness;

• Implementation of inspection and oversight, issuing and abolition of authorization for aviation personnel training organization;

• Control of approved safety procedures, programs and quality systems of organizations for aviation personnel training.

Part FCL

New EU Regulation governing FCL will come into effect on April 2012 which will impact on holders of pilot licences. The Regulation is known as Part FCL.

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Aviation Medicine

In order to maintain valid their licenses, pilots and air traffic controllers are required to undergo periodical medical examinations. The Aeromedical Section (AMS) of CAA supervises the Aeromedical Centers (AMC) and the Aeromedical Examiners (AME). It is also the first instance for reviews in case of differences among pilots/controllers and AMEs.

The regulation of the medical aspects of civil aviation within the CAA is performed by the Aeromedical Section (AMS).

The AMS sets and implements medical requirements for transport and commercial airplane and helicopter pilots, flight engineers , private airplanes and helicopters pilots, hot-air balloon, glider, microlight aircraft, hang-glider, paraglider pilots, parachuting and cabin crew, and the air traffic controllers.

The aeromedical examination determines the fitness of aviation personnel to perform safely their professional duties. It has a major importance as contributes to flight safety, at the same time helps to preserve pilots’ health for their flying carrier.

Medical certification is performed in strict compliance with the national and international requirements.

Regulation No. 1/2010 (JAR-FCL 3) sets out the requirements for the medical certification of flight crew personnel. It also requires the establishment of an AMS within the CAA.

Student / Private pilots require a Class 2 Medical Certificate, professional licence holders require a Class 1 Medical Certificate.

The CAA AMS is responsible for the initial issue of Class 1 Medical Certificates and for the initial review of any limitation, variation, suspension or denial of a Class 1 or 2 Medical Certificate.

Reports on all medical examinations carried out on Kosovo-licensed flight crew, including those conducted by JAR-FCL Aeromedical Examiners outside Kosovo, will be submitted to the CAA AMS for assessment for medical certification purposes.

In cases of doubt, or incomplete information of a particular matter, the AMS may require further specialist information to be provided by an applicant.

Contact details of Authorised Medical Examiners and Aeromedical Centres in the Republic of Kosovo are listed below:

Aeromedical Centre (AMC)

Instituti Kombëtar i Mjekësisë së Punës
Rruga Nëna Terezë nr. 1
50000 Gjakovë
Republika e Kosovës
Tel: +38 1 (0)390 321 988
Fax: +38 1 (0)390 327 787

Authorised Medical Examiners (AME):

Dr. Naim Bardiqi
AME Approval No. AME/KS/01
Bardh i Madh
12060 Fushë Kosovë
Republika e Kosovës
Tel: +377 (0)44 999 899
Fax: +381 (0)38 211 009

Dr. Driton Avdiu
AME Approval No. AME/KS/02
Rruga Imzot Nikë Prelaj
E-30/H-I Nr.24
10000 Prishtinë
Republika e Kosovës
Tel: +377 (0)44 126 451
Fax: +381 (0)38 211 009

Dr. Luan Perçuku
AME Approval No. AME/KS/03
Lagja Mati – I Nr. 71
10000 Prishtinë
Republika e Kosovës
Tel: +377 (0)44 196 786
Fax: +381 (0)38 211 009


EASA published the Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material (AMC/GM) related to the Implementing Rules Part-MED (Annex IV of the future European Aircrew Regulation) on 15 December 2011.

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Flight Operations

Air Operators desiring to engage in air operations in the Republic of Kosovo shall obtain and possess a current and valid Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) issued by the CAA.

In order to obtain the necessary certificates and licences, air operators have to comply with the legal and operational conditions that are specified by Kosovo, European and ICAO legislation. The CAA is also the authority responsible for prosecution and administrative proceedings if the relevant regulations are not complied with.

The Flight Operations Section conducts oversight of air operators through assessments of general flight operations, including operations manuals and quality systems. All licences for flight operations are subject to the Section’s approval and control. The Flight Operations Section oversees commercial and private aviation. Assessments of ferry flights are carried out, as well as technical assessments of Kosovo and foreign aircraft. Furthermore, Operations Inspectors monitor specific flights and verify whether they are conducted in accordance with current rules.

Certification applies to commercial aviation companies in accordance with the provisions of Regulation No. 6/2009 (EU-OPS). It includes and carries out the functions related to:

• Issuance, extension of validity and changes of Air Operator Certificate and the relevant special approvals (CAT II, CAT III, LVTO, MNPS, ETOPS, RNAV, RNP, Dangerous Goods, CC Initial Safety Training and attestation);

• Issuance of the approvals for the performance of other commercial operations, including aerial works;

• Issuance of Air Operator Certificate for non-commercial operations with complex motor powered aircraft;

• Cooperates with the Ministry of Infrastructure in procedures for issuance of operational licenses to commercial air carriers;

• The implementation of continuous monitoring of compliance with prescribed conditions and oversight the safety of operations;

• Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA).

This section also contains all relevant information for commercial helicopter operations, and encompasses aerial work, night operations, non-commercial operations and the corresponding legal bases.

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Operations and Airworthiness

Operations and Airworthiness

Welcome to the Operations and Airworthiness Sections.

This site brings together the expertise of Operations and Airworthiness Sections of the Flight Safety Department within the CAA and provides useful links to other organisations where appropriate.

This site contains all the necessary information relating to certification and supervision in connection with flights with airplanes, helicopters and other means of air transport. Here you will also find information concerning the transport of dangerous goods, aerial work, recreational flying, flight training organisations, and regulations relating to safety assessment of foreign aircraft (SAFA).

The aim of this site is to provide a complete picture regarding the certification, operation and maintenance of aircraft and to highlight important safety issues.

The areas listed below include the applicable regulations structure with which the aviation industry must comply, application information and relevant guidance material.

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Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Registration

The CAA is the sole authority for the registration of civil aircraft in the Republic of Kosovo. The Flight Safety Department within the CAA maintains the register of civil aircraft registered in Kosovo.

Before an aircraft can be used for flying, it must be registered. The provisions on aircraft registration, nationality and markings are laid down in the Law No. 03/L-051 on Civil Aviation. More detailed rules on registration are contained in Regulation No. 11/2011 on Aircraft Registration and Markings.

The register shows the aircraft owner, possessor, operator, and details of the aircraft. Moreover, any mortgages granted on the aircraft as well as their renewal, cancellation and changes in priority order are entered in the aircraft register.

If the aircraft has not previously been in the Kosovo civil aircraft register, the owner must apply for registration using a form provided by the CAA.

The following documents must be attached to the application:

• bill of purchase or other title deed (or a copy); Continue Reading

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Kontrolloni dhe krahasoni çmimet e biletave në hollësi.

Kontrolloni dhe krahasoni çmimet e biletave në hollësi.

Shmangni befasitë e pakëndshme


Me Air Prishtina vlen rregulla: Një fluturim – një çmim dhe pa asnjë kosto shtesë të fshehur në të. Çmimet tona janë të drejta dhe të ndershme, sepse ju do të paguani vetëm atë çmim i cili është i listuar, ku përfshin komplet fluturimin tuaj me 23kg bagazh. Asnjë kosto shtesë për Check-in, taksa, taksa të aeroportit, kosto shtesë për rezervimin e vendit në aeroplan, pagesë me kartë krediti etj.


Përcaktohuni për partnerin tuaj të fluturimeve i cili është i besueshëm, i drejtë dhe me çmime gjithëpërfshirëse.

Partnerët tanë për fluturime të besueshme

Air Prishtina punon në mënyrë të suksesshme për vite me radhë me partnerë të mirënjohur nga
Europa në realizimin e fluturimeve, për të garantuar kualitet, besueshmëri dhe siguri. Partnerët
tanë na japin mundësinë për të ofruar fluturime në klasa të ndryshme të çmimeve.
Swiss International Air Lines

Në bashkëpunim me kompaninë ajrore të klasit të lartë Swiss International Air Lines, do të ofrohen linjat: Cyrih – Prishtinë dhe Cyrih – Shkup.
Edelweiss Air

Edelweiss Air gjithashtu konsiderohet si partneri ynë bashkëpunues shumëvjeçar. Bashkëpunimi ynë vazhdon prej vitit 2005. Përmes kompanisë në fjalë ne mbajmë linjat: Gjenevë – Prishtinë si edhe Cyrih – Shkup dhe Cyrih – Prishtinë.

Në Korrik të vitit 2012 kemi filluar një bashkëpunim të ngushtë me Germania. Përmes kësaj kompanie të mirënjohur realizohen fluturime të shpeshta gjatë javës në linjat Dyzeldorf, Stutgart dhe Mynih për në Prishtinë
Adria Airways

Adria Airways me mbi 50 vjet eksperiencë, tani si partner ynë me fluturime direkte nga Italia për në Prishtinë dhe Shkup.

TUI-Airline e ka selinë e saj në Belgjikë dhe me angazhimin tonë kryen fluturime direkte nga Brukseli apo nga aeroporte të tjera belge për në Prishtinë.
Helvetic Airways

Helvetic fluturon për ne me një cilësi dhe besueshmëri zvicerane non-stop nga Zvicra për në  Prishtinë dhe Shkup.
TAV Airport Holding

Në bashkëpunim me operatorin e aeroportit TAV, Air Prishtina jep kontribut thelbësor në zhvillimin e fluturimeve ose në sjelljen e pasagjerëve nga Shkupi. Sot Air Prishtina është njëri nga partnerët më të rëndësishëm të aeroportit të Shkupit.

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Shërbime gjithëpërfshirëse për fluturimet tuaja për në Kosovë dhe Maqedoni

Çfarë na dallon neve nga të tjerat është besueshmëria dhe profesionalizmi ynë në trajtim dhe shërbim. Ne angazhohemi që me teknologjinë më moderne dhe shërbime cilësore, të bëjmë fluturimin tuaj për në Kosovë dhe Maqedoni sa më të rehatshëm që të jetë e mundur. Thjesht, shpejt dhe komfort.

24 h Call Center Continue Reading

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